Research Projects at our Institute

Excellent research and development achievements are a necessary prerequisite for modern and science-based teaching. In addition, successful research and development work ensures the long-term competence of the institute and its scientific staff.

Our Projects


Illustration of a SNG chain with four steps

Automation, digitalization and process optimization of the production of feed-in synthetic natural gas from renewable solid fuels. An essential contribution to the reduction of CO2 intensity for Austria!

E325-04 Control and Process Automation


Trucks send signals to front trucks to determine an automatic distance

© IEEE (2020) with permission under CC BY-4.0

Innovative truck platoon control concept combining trajectory optimization and distributed model-predictive control to efficiently reduce fuel consumption and increase traffic safety.

E325-04 Control and Process Automation


7 boxes in a circle which are linked together

Real time intersection traffic management and optimization trough integrated and flexible communication, control and simulation methods to enhance traffic safety & efficiency while reducing traffic emissions.

E325-04 Control and Process Automation


Network between factory building lines and power supply

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Model-based and adaptive control strategies for the robust integration of Jenbacher gas engines in microgrids with renewable generators and storage.

E325-04 Control and Process Automation