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Photo of the main building on Karlsplatz with the heading "Covid-19 Info", the update time and the update link:

As of February 1, 2022, the validity of vaccination certificates in the Green Pass for the 2nd partial vaccination will be shortened: a new upload of…

"The hackers and I" with theme naming. Background black with keys on key board.

The password has a history as long and exciting as the present. TUW expert and hacker Marco Squarcina in an interview about our misconceptions and the…

three people in the lab

A surprising result in road engineering research: contrary to previous assumptions, visible light contributes to the ageing of bitumen, which can…

COVID-Update 14-12-2021

In preparation for the upcoming holiday and holiday period, we would like to inform you about the planned access and residential mode at the TU Wien.

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