Research at TU Wien covers the entire spectrum of modern science, from basic research through applied research to the development of marketable products and services. An overview of the multitude of the activities can be found in the TU Wien Research Portal, opens an external URL in a new window. Information on Research Projects, opens an external URL in a new window can be retrieved as well as information, achievements and services of the institutes and personell (Research Profile, opens an external URL in a new window). Information on a substantial proportion of the scientific output from these projects can be found in the Publication Database, opens an external URL in a new window.

The basis of all the information lies in various databases which are accessible for all TU staff and are being updated regularly by the researchers and administrators.

Research portfolio

The TU Wien Research Portfolio provides a long-term overview of research expertise and research output, and has been available since October 2015. The aim of the research portfolio is to provide a tangible and searchable research, development and innovation profile for internal and external use, on the one hand describing for internal purposes scientific services and expertise, and on the other hand offering an important and valuable source of information for collaboration initiatives with partners from the worlds of science and industry.  

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Project database

The project database summarises all of the research projects carried out at TU Wien, divided into the following categories: research funding and commissioned research, education and university management projects, scholarships, internal projects and global standalone projects. Here you can find details of the content and organisation of all of TU Wien’s research projects.

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Through this service, the University Library provides members of TU Wien with the opportunity to publish academic publications in plain text form for open access. The documents are permanently archived, allocated a link (URN) that can be cited, and can be found from anywhere in the world via the internet. Here you will also find the latest theses from TU Wien in plain text.

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