TU Wien is ready for its next development step.

We look forward to your participation!

The Strategy Development Process should become something special through the active participation of as many members of TU Wien as possible. The Rectorate team is leading this process to make TU Wien fuTUre fit. For one year, we will reflect together on the special characteristics of TU Wien and develop a common vision for the future. 

The goal: By spring 2025, a strategy and a plan of action will be developed, which TU Wien and its people can then implement together.

The Process

The Strategy Development Process is divided into three phases:

  • Until fall 2024, the Rectorate will listen to the members of TU Wien via the dialogue series. We will be guided by two key questions, the answers to which we will discuss together.
  • The conference week will take place in the week from November 18 to 22. There, the results so far will be summarized and presented in workshops, among other things. Please make a note of this week in your diaries now. The strategy paper will be drawn up and published by the end of the year.
  • In spring 2025, there will be a competition of ideas for implementation. We are relying on the creativity and diversity within the company to implement the measures from the strategy paper as efficiently as possible.

Our strategy will be implemented from the second quarter of 2025.

fuTUre fit News

rectorate with senat and HTU on terrace
© TU Wien, Foto: Matthias Heisler

Kick-off event for the Strategy Development Process of TU Wien