As a bridge between academia and industry, TU Wiens office for funding support and industry relations assists researchers and interested businesses with a range of services to establish good partnerships.

TU Wien research partnerships

We support businesses interested in research by finding suitable collaboration partners at TU Wien and provide advice for joint projects on funding. These activities are supported by the collaboration agreement with the Vienna Chamber of Commerce. More about collaboration opportunities, opens in new window.

Events “Wirtschaftsimpulse durch Forschung”

The event series “Wirtschaftsimpulse durch Forschung”  is a collaboration with the Vienna Chamber of Commerce , opens an external URL in a new windowand presents researchers' expertise on current technical developments as well as providing businesses with an insight into research work at TU Wien.The aim is to stimulate the exchange between science and business.

In addition to networking events, we also offer small-format events, such as company workshops, laboratory tours or expert discussions, where researchers and companies work together on concrete issues, or a topic area is explained in a very application-oriented manner.

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Best Practice Stories

Best Practice Stories provide brief reports of successful collaborations. Selected partnerships are presented to illustrate potential collaborations. More about Best Practice Stories, opens in new window. This content is just available in German.

Technologies for the Future - brochure

The Technologies for the Future brochure contains brief technological descriptions across a range of thematic fields. More about Technologies for the Future, opens in new window . This content is just available in German.