Collaboration opportunities with TU Wien

We support collaboration between TU Wien and businesses by assisting the search for suitable collaboration partners and providing advice on relevant  funding possibilities in the initial phase.

The following list shows common modes of collaboration with TU Wien. For further information feel free to contact


A research cooperation describes a research project that is being conducted in partnership with other legal entities (e.g. businesses, public bodies, other universities, non-university research institutions). The research project is open in terms of objective and outcome, the rights to research outcomes belong to all partners, and their application is governed by a cooperation agreement. The university has a right of publication. If necessary, finance can be obtained by applying for funding from public funding organisations.

Contract research refers to the undertaking of academic work by order of a (private) financial backer. The aim and purpose of the commissioned investigations are specified by the contracting authority. In return for the payment of all costs related to the commissioned research activity, the commercial rights of use of research outcomes and their application remain with the contracting authority. If necessary, finance can be obtained by applying for funding from public funding organisations.

TU Wien also has infrastructures in which resources are pooled, and interdisciplinary collaborations in-house, as well as between individual universities, are supported and strengthened. Businesses can also purchase the academic services offered in these centres.

Projects that represent the initiation of a collaboration between Viennese businesses and academia can be funded by the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, opens an external URL in a new window, e.g.:

  • Preparation for innovation projects (new processes or products)
  • Technical expertise to protect new business ideas or new business fields
  • Advice for the implementation of innovative customer orders
  • Unbiased technical expertise prior to investment decisions or for the settlement of disputes
  • Solution for technical production problems
  • Technical support for quality assurance
  • Provision of initial academic services (such as special measurements, analyses)
  • Feasibility studies in the specified operational framework

Consultancy services
Short consultation
Initial meeting with a TU Wien expert; project definition and scope, in-depth analysis and recommendation for implementation measures and the subsequent approach. The Vienna Chamber of Commerce bears the overall cost element amounting to EUR 800.

Specific consultation  
Further or more in-depth consultancy, e.g. support with the conception of a joint funding proposal; completion of initial measurements, analyses, etc. The TU Wien hourly rate for external consultancy is EUR 150. The Vienna Chamber of Commerce provides funding of €40 per hour, for a maximum of 30 hours. Business start-ups (up to 3 years) are supported with EUR 60 per hour.


The topic for a doctoral or master thesis can be defined jointly between TU Wien and commercial enterprises.Doctoral / Masters candidates working on their thesis should have support from the university as well as from a contact person in the company.  The actual approval of a topic must be given by the university. Please note that the basic conditions for undertaking this type of thesis rest within the authority of the individual faculties (e.g. Directives of the Faculty of Informatics).

Other knowledge transfer contacts at TU Wien

To provide the best possible support for your various concerns as a business, further contacts and collaboration opportunities are available in addition to the partner search for research work.

Are you interested in TU Wien's inventions? The patent and licence management team supports you with joint application projects. Current technology offers can all be found under Technology Offers, opens in new window.

Afraid to miss an innovation? Follow our LinkedIn-profile TU Wien Research Technology Innovation, opens an external URL in a new window please! 

Would you like to support TU Wien as a strategic partner? Our university would be delighted to work with you to find the ideal project for your suggestion or idea. See Fundraising and Community Relations, opens in new window.

Would you like to invest in a TU Wien start-up or get to know TU Wien’s future founders? If so, get in touch with the TU Wien Start-up services.

I²c – Innovation Incubation Center, opens an external URL in a new window.

INiTS – Innovation into Business, opens an external URL in a new window

TU Wien groups its high-quality academic infrastructure into research centres. These core shared research facilities make large-scale equipment and efficient infrastructure available for researchers and their business partners. ​

The X-ray centre at TU Wien, opens an external URL in a new window offers the completion of X-ray-structure data gathering, structure solutions and data refinement in the single crystal domain. Qualitative and quantitative phase analysis can also be undertaken for polycrystalline materials. Voltage and texture measurements can be provided for bulk samples and thin films.

The expertise and infrastructure of USTEM, opens an external URL in a new window is available to research institutions, businesses and private customers for the execution of research and development work, quality control, or failure analysis under standard market conditions. Problem-orientated and swift working by a highly motivated and experienced team ensures success and competitive advantage. With transmission electron microscopy (TEM), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), confocal microscopy and focused ion beam (FIB), USTEM offers a broad range of services in the field of structural and chemical microanalysis.

The ZMNS, opens an external URL in a new window offers a state-of-the-art environment and equipment to enable the development of new semiconductor components in research and teaching. The main objective of research and development activities is to transform innovative ideas from fundamental research into innovative device concepts, which is also achieved through close collaboration with industry and international research institutions.

More about TU Wien research facilities TU Wien Forschungs-Facilities, opens in new window.