The recommendations for Corona vaccination were adapted with the publication of the Austrian Vaccination Schedule 2023/2024. The most recent version of the Austrian Vaccination Schedule 2023/2024 and an overview table "Vaccination Schedule Covid-19 Vaccinations" are available at, opens an external URL in a new window.

Specifically, information on Corona and Corona vaccination can be found at, opens an external URL in a new window.

For a daily updated list of immunization clinics, visit, opens an external URL in a new window.

For whom is the vaccination recommended?

  • strongly recommended for all persons with an increased risk of severe disease progression (see vaccination schedule Austria "Covid 19, Indication")
  • for all persons from the completed 12th year of life (vaccination approved from the completed 6th month of life)
  • Persons with Long COVID require individualized care - vaccination decisions should be made in a personalized manner within the framework of this care

What is the current vaccination schedule?

From the age of 12, single vaccination, preferably in autumn (probability > 95% that virus contact has already taken place through vaccination and/or infection (= basic immunization in the immunological sense)).

When should vaccination take place?

The minimum interval to the last exposure (=infection or vaccination) should be 6 months, better 12 months. Early vaccination is recommended for certain risk groups - interval to the last exposure at least 4 months.

What should be used for the vaccination?

Exclusively with a variant vaccine directed against the Omikron variant XBB.1.5.

Should I have an antibody determination done?

Antibody determination is neither recommended nor useful (except for immunosuppressed individuals) - there is no antibody titer to indicate when protection will be effective, nor is it possible to predict how long protection will be effective at a given AK titer level.

Where can I get vaccinated?

You can find all the information about free vaccination in your state on the information page "Gemma boostern!" at, opens an external URL in a new window!

Your occupational health care provider will also be happy to advise you!