"Promoting scientific excellence and top-quality teaching". Following this guiding principle, the TU Wien combines basic and application-oriented research and research-led teaching at the highest level.

The Vice Rector for Academic Affairs is responsible for teaching staff and students at TU Wien. The Strategic Education Development Center supports her in strategic development, quality assurance in teaching and the operational implementation of teaching projects.

Strategic Education Development Center

The Strategic Education Development Center is a broadly based department within the Vice Rectorate for Academic Affairs. The Center sees itself as an operative link between the Rectorate, the lecturers and the students. Sooner or later, every lecturer and every student will be confronted with the Center's areas of responsibility or projects - even if this is not always visible.

focus:lehre - Higher education teaching

Our higher education didactics department supports teachers in their teaching activities and in supervising students by providing further training, advice and the exchange of experience.

Central Room Management for Teaching and Learning

Studyability is the keyword of this department. Timetable coordination, central teaching room approval requests, distance learning coordination, opening of teaching rooms as study rooms as well as many other responsibilities fall within this department

Quality management and strategic development

"Standstill is a step backwards"
Rudolf von Bennigsen-Foerder

Constant improvement of teaching at the TU Wien and the development of strategies for this is daily business for this department.


Digital Teaching and Learning

One of the core tasks of the service unit is to advise and support teachers in the use of the central learning platform TUWEL (Moodle) and other e-learning tools. Our services increasingly focus on innovative approaches in media-supported teaching.

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