"eTUcation" works on the pandemic digitalization in teaching to transform the TUW into a modern face-to-face university of the future, with the goal of integrating the digital transformation in teaching and studying, under the claim of excellence, inclusivity and diversity.

From Distance Learning to eTUcation: a look into the future of teaching.

Developments in the area of digital teaching during the pandemic have shown that much was and is possible when all departments and divisions work closely together to provide teachers with appropriate options for implementation. Despite the pressure and the often very short-term implementation of online solutions due to the pandemic, there has been a desire expressed by faculty and students to continue to offer concepts that have worked well and to integrate them into teaching and learning methods in a sustainable way even after the crisis has passed.

The play on words that is hidden in the term eTUcation unites the essential components that are to be linked with this catchword: equity, excellence and e-learning at the TU Wien as a sustainable concept in academic teaching (education).

The declared goal is to work with digital formats as the presence university of the future and to integrate them as a meaningful addition to everyday university life. 

The main focus of this project is not only on the reappraisal of the distance learning phase, but also, for example, on study information and the support of students at the beginning of their studies, with a special focus on the social dimension. Low-threshold access and offers along the entire student life cycle will significantly and in a future-oriented manner promote studyability, equal opportunities and compatibility at the TU Wien.


  • Sustainable establishment of future-oriented formats in teaching under the claim of excellence, inclusivity and digitization based on the developments of the Distance Learning phase.
  • Further development of the teaching processes at the TU Wien in line with the digitization strategy and the projects according to the performance agreement
  • Relief in the faculties through
    • centrally coordinated overall strategy
    • Clear contact persons (1st level support in the form of a central teaching support)
    • low-threshold retrieval of information on a central platform


Developments across a large number of central areas with strong involvement of teachers and students


  • Analysis of Distance Learning: concepts, ideas and new processes are evaluated on the basis of criteria catalogs
  • Concept catalogs and instructions drafted and expanded
  • Teaching and learning spaces
  • Quality standards in teaching are further developed with regard to digitalization
  • Support processes are optimized
  • Promotion of study and teachability

Target groups


Improvement of teachability through

Format templates and guidelines
Technical support and central support


  • Improvement of studyability through
  • Digital teaching and learning materials
  • Networking options - online and present
  • Mailbox and support
  • Learning spaces

Central facilities:

  • Clear processes
  • Defined interfaces

Overview of the central topics of the project

Quality assurance & guidelines

  • Development and introduction of a quality seal for excellent teaching
  • Criteria catalog for good teaching
  • Guideline on legal framework conditions - accessibility, data protection and copyright law
  • digital toolbox
  • On-boarding course for new teachers
  • New workshops on Media didactics and technical basics

  • Demand-specific and -oriented equipment
  • Standardization of the operation of technology in teaching rooms
  • TISS-GUT room database release
  • Introduce semester lecture halls in regular operation
  • Digital seat registration for exams

  • Concept collections for online and hybrid teaching

  • Initial consultations on the topic of online/hybrid teaching
  • TUWEL course "Administration and Organization for Courses A-Z
  • central support center for all kinds of inquiries in the field of teaching
  • Platform for networking under the format "Teachers help teachers

  • Ombudsman's office for studyability at the TUW
  • Digital Böre for theses and projects
  • Student's Corner in TISS
  • Learning Analytics - Feedback on student progress
  • Rankings
  • Compatibility: Alternative timetable for students with care responsibilities
  • groupTUlearn - the learning group finder
  • Better visibility to learning zones and rooms
  • Study completion process NEW under the aspects of academic integrity, research ethics and plagiarism prevention

  • Study information portal - low-threshold access to all information before starting studies, during studies and until graduation

  • Foundation of a networking platform for students
  • groupTUlearn - the learning group finder in TISS
  • Events for networking
  • Platform for the exchange of digital documents