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[Translate to English:] Montage aus Astronomie-Foto von Gravitationslinseneffekt und Teilchen
© NASA / TU Wien

New techniques can answer questions that were previously inaccessible experimentally - including questions about the relationship between quantum…

a piece of palladium and the material structure
© Adobe Stock / TU Wien

A Goldilocks material that might be just right: the precious metal palladium could be used to make superconductors that remain superconducting even at…

human being in background with outstretched hands, in front writing and symbols of AI
© Tierney_adobe stock com

Participants in the Executive MBA programme Innovation, Digitalization & Entrepreneurship will work on questions like the above during the course of…

Portrait of Andrej Pustogow in front of a blackboard.

The simplest explanation is often the best - this also applies to fundamental science. Researchers from TU Wien and Toho University recently showed…

Group picture of Shaghayegh Naghdi, Dominik Eder und Hossein Kazemian

Clean drinking water is essential. Therefore, an international research team led by Dominik Eder has now shown how groundwater can be efficiently…

Group photo of Dogukan Apaydin, Dominik Eder and Hannah Rabl
© Dogukan Apaydin / TU Wien

If one converts CO2 into synthesis gas, a valuable starting material for the chemical industry can be obtained. Researchers at TU Wien show how this…

moving particles, clocks and equations

Erasing data perfectly and reaching the lowest possible temperature – those two things seem to be completely different, but they are closely…

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