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Strategy Development Process at TU Wien

Schematic illustration of the experimental setup that was used to measure the flow of information.

Waves pick up information from their environment through which they propagate. A theory of information carried by waves has now been developed at TU…

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Researchers at TU Wien have investigated how an artificial intelligence categorizes images. The results show astonishing similarities to visual…

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Dyes, such as those used in the textile industry, are a major environmental problem. At TU Wien, efficient filters have now been developed – based on…

Logo Best Teaching Award auf Schokotaler und Frau verschwommen in Hintergrund, die Schokotale in der Hand hält und in die Kamera streckt
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Who will be the Best Teacher 2024? Which course was the best in the academic year 2023/24? Who deserves the Best Gender-Sensitive Teaching Award?

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