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Indium oxide on a graphene layer

To fully exploit the potential of the “wonder material” graphene, it has to be combined with other materials. A new study investigates what is...

Quantum Cascade Lasers create a very special kind of light.
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A particularly well-ordered kind of laser light can be created by turbulence, which is usually responsible for very disordered phenomena.


Advances in neuroscience research and microscopy: Researchers look deep into organs and nervous systems of animals, ranging from squids and worms to...

Neurostimulation experiments at TU Wien

Stimulating the vagus nerve in the ear can help relieving chronic pain. TU Wien and MedUni Vienna have developed novel, sophisticated methods for...

Niklas Luhmann in the lab

Using an ultra-thin gold layer, scientists at TU Wien (Vienna) succeeded in creating an almost optimal infrared absorber. Possible applications range...

Connections are growing between the neurons inside different buckyballs.

Using microscopically fine 3D printing technologies from TU Wien (Vienna) and sound waves used as tweezers at Stanford University (California), tiny...

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