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Drei Personen im Labor

A new type of battery has been invented at TU Wien (Vienna): The oxygen-ion battery can be extremely durable, does not require rare elements and…

Tobias Schäfer

With an ESPRIT grant from the Austrian Science Fund FWF, Tobias Schäfer is developing new computational methods to solve previously unsolvable quantum…

visualization of the method

Tailor-made laser light fields can be used to slow down the movement of several particles and thus cool them down to extremely low temperatures - as…

Montage aus einem Gruppenfoto und zwei zusätzlich angefügten Einzelportraits.

Sometimes, chemical reactions do not solely run stationary in one direction, but they show spatio-temporal oscillations. At TU Wien, a transition to…

four people in the lab

A well-known mineral is once again the center of attention thanks to applications in electronics: the Vienna University of Technology shows that mica…

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