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If the spins of phosphorus atoms in silicon are cleverly excited with microwave pulses, a so-called spin echo signal can be detected after a certain time. Surprisingly, this spin echo does not occur only once, but a whole series of echoes can be detected. (Image: C. Hohmann / MCQST)
© Bild: C. Hohmann / MCQST

A research team from Garching and Vienna discovered a remarkable echo effect - it offers exciting new possibilities for working with quantum...

A Perovskite thin film electrode, on a ZrO2 crystal. (Copyright: TU Wien)
© TU Wien

Electrochemical reactions, which will play an important role in the future of energy supply, can now be explained in detail, thanks to measurements...

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Why do different measurements of material properties sometimes give different results? A research team led by the TU Vienna has now found an important...

A highly charged Ion hitting a material consisting of several layers
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How can you perforate an atomic layer of material and leave the one underneath intact? Scientists at TU Wien (Vienna) developed a technique for...

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