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Researcher with protective glasses works on optical device

A completely new cooling concept has been invented at TU Wien (Vienna): Computer simulations show how quantum fields could be used to break…

Recycling symbol represented by three fabric arrows in different colors.
© Lauren Jong/Flickr

When sorting out end-of-life clothing, the question is: throw it away or recycle it? In the frame of the project called SCIRT, Scientists at TU Wien…

Image divided into two halves: on the left, the bitumen surface is shown in red and yellow, on the right in blue and green.

Although the history of bitumen dates back to the third millennium BC, only little is known about its surface structure. Researchers from TU Wien are…

subdomains represented by dots, and connecting lines in between

A dangerous security vulnerability was discovered by TU Wien in collaboration with the Ca’ Foscari University (Italy): Anyone who assumes control over…

Presentation Digital Competence in Parliament
© Stefan Szeider

A new training program for parliamentarians promises to enhance digital skills, taught by top computer scientists from the TU Wien.

bristle worm jaws
© Dr. Kyojiro Ikeda/Universität Wien

Experiments at TU Wien (Vienna) show: metal atoms are responsible for the remarkable stability of bristle worm jaws. This could be the key to new…

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