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Cultural Collisions

Cultural Collisions is an internationally proven, interdisciplinary art and science education format that allows students to gain access to the world of science and approach complex topics through artistic exploration.

The artistic and creative engagement of the students with technical and scientific topics of the university promotes early inspiration for the later choice of studies. In addition to highlighting outstanding career options, this also helps to counteract the lack of young talent in STEM professions.

The diversity of technology and the resulting job profiles are difficult to grasp, even for young people. Outdated role models and persistent stereotypes further discourage young women. Cultural Collisions enables a new approach through a creative approach to directly experience the perspective of "technician as a profession".


We face the following challenges and counteract them with the Cultural Collisions project:

  • Motivating students to study STEM fields,
  • break stereotypes,
  • improve the image of technical professions and
  • mastering the challenges of the future with suitable skilled personnel.

Serious artistic engagement with scientific topics generates interdisciplinary skills that are urgently needed in the 21st century. 

Target group

The project is aimed at pupils between the ages of 12 and 14, as well as parents and teachers. The project is initially planned for a period of 5 years.

Focus on climate change

drawn skyscrapers - above them cities/buildings, drawn cable with leaf in cable - above it energy, drawn factory - above it production/technologies, drawn tree - above it resources/materials, drawn car - above it (e-)mobility

Cooperation partners

The project is carried out in cooperation with renowned partners from the fields of art, culture and education.


Overall Project management and Fundraising

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Nicole Moneta, BSc

Phone: +43 1 58801 406808

Content-related project management and coordination

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Dr. Michael Hoch