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Your participation as a school class

Cultural Collisions offers pupils and teachers a completely new approach to getting to know and gaining insights into TU Wien, the mumok and the Vienna Museum of Science and Technology. Pupils are immersed in cutting-edge topics in the university environment through creative engagement. The insights and experiences enable a new perspective and individual planning of further school and professional careers.


Program elements

Scientists of the TU Wien prepare technological topics scientifically and bring them closer to artists, students and educators.

Artists translate the technical problems into works of art, exhibit them and inspire through a different perspective.

The inspiration conveyed stimulates the students' own creativity and enthusiasm.

Cultural Collisions begins after the exhibition: pupils and teachers experience a scientifically and artistically prepared topic, take it with them and work on it further in the corresponding subjects. The participating museums provide support in workshops throughout the semester on the way to creating their own artwork.

Selected artworks will be exhibited in the museum and can thus be presented to the public.

The project, which lasts several years, is accompanied and continuously evaluated by KPH Wien. Thus, the project can be adapted if necessary. Furthermore, methods and documents are developed by PH Vienna to support teachers in incorporating this methodology into their teaching.

As Cultural Collisions is an interdisciplinary project, it is necessary that two teachers from different subjects (e.g. visual education and physics, technology) are involved in each class: (e.g. visual education and physics, technical handicrafts and chemistry, etc.) to be available for questions from the students.

Focus on climate change

The content is dedicated to climate change. Among them are the following focal topics: 

  • Cities / Buildings
  • Energy
  • Production / Technologies
  • Resources / Materials
  • (E-)Mobility


Participation as a school is only possible after registration at culturalcollisions@tuwien.ac.at and acceptance by TU Wien.

All places for the summer semester 2023 are already allocated. If you are interested in the school year 2023/34, please send us an email. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact culturalcollisions@tuwien.ac.at.

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Overall Project management and Fundraising

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Content-related project management and coordination

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