People who are considered as a unit because of their common interests, social group, or nationality.

TU Wien is a place of encounter, a place where young and old exchange ideas at eye level, share memories and look to the future together. You, too, are part of this community - as a prospective student, student, employee, researcher or parent of future scientists. Or as someone who simply cares about technology and the natural sciences.

Life motto: Technology for people

Under the motto "Technology for People", research, teaching and learning have been taking place at the TU Wien for more than 200 years. TU Wien is not only an excellent research university and training centre for over 26,000 students, but has also developed into an open university where discussions take place, opinions are represented and arguments are heard. Despite different individual life concepts and world views, TUW members stand up for cosmopolitanism and tolerance.

Immerse yourself in the diversity of the TU Wien community - in teaching, research, further education and kulTur. Get to know us anew, let's network, let's work together. Together we are the TU Wien. 

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