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A unique project gains clout through its strong partners and supporters: Create space for this unique "collision" of art and science and enable new perspectives.

Corporate sponsorship creates and strengthens the visibility of your brand among young audiences, students and positions you in the public perception as a TOP employer. 

Please transfer your donation to support our innovative STEM project to:
Raiffeisenlandesbank NÖ-Wien AG
F.-W.-Raiffeisenplatz 1, 1020 Vienna
IBAN: AT46 3200 0000 0061 1228 | BIC/SWIFT: RLNWATWW 
Technische Universität Wien/Hauptkonto
Reason for transfer: D011020-6000
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Good reasons

  • you create awareness among students, parents and educators about the possibilities and opportunities of technical studies
  • you awaken pupils' interest in art and technology
  • you enable access to art and culture - especially for less-educated classes

For more information on how you can support our project and our sponsorship packages, please contact Nicole Moneta: e-mail or +43 1 58801 406808

Our supporters about the project

How can new target groups - especially women - be interested in technology? In search of a solution to this question, the TU Wien has launched the Cultural Collisions programme.
The idea of using art to make technical issues interesting for people who have had little contact with technology up to now is extremely innovative: the creative half of our brain is to be used to open up access to topics that are located precisely in the other half of the brain, the left hemisphere. The Berndorf Private Foundation supports this novel approach in the hope that it will interest even more people in the exciting topic of technology.

Sonja Zimmermann

Chairwoman of the Berndorf Private Foundation

In order to be able to successfully master the diverse challenges of the future together, our society needs significantly more young, highly educated and motivated women and men. I am glad that PALFINGER, as a partner of Cultural Collisions, is helping to show young people the exciting prospects of technical professions at an early stage.

Andreas Klauser


Overall Project management and Fundraising

Portrait photo Nicole Moneta

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Sponsors and donors

We would like to thank our sponsors and donors who make such a project possible.

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