University partnerships and memberships in international networks

TU Wien aims to develop and foster joint research and teaching activities with selected universities. This collaboration should be diverse, mutually beneficial and open up the opportunity to maintain medium-term or long-term cooperation.

Wherever TU Wien presents itself as an entire institution, rather than individual departments, or added value arises through international networking, international cooperation forms part of the university management’s guiding measures.

The priorities are derived from focuses of research in the development plan and an emphasis is placed on universities with excellent research results in the relevant specialist field.
Other parameters for finalising university partnerships include investment activity in the university sector, special study and research programmes or historic ties.

For us, quality is more important than quantity, so our focus is on consolidating existing successful partnerships rather than collaborating with lots of institutions in pursuit of individual interests.

TU Wien has the following financial support mechanisms in place from the global budget for collaborations with partner universities:

Memberships in international networks

Through memberships in international university networks and associations, TU Wien hopes to set regional priorities, benefit from international platforms for certain activities and participate in the international discourse on matters related to university policy.

A selection of our current international memberships:

  • ASEA-UNINET - Austrian cooperation platform with South-East Asian universities
  • ATHENS network
  • CESAER – Conference of European Schools for Advanced Engineering Education
  • EARMA – European Association of Research Managers and Administrators
  • EDEN – European Distance and E-Learning Network
  • Eurasia Pacific Uninet - Austrian cooperation platform with China, Mongolia, Central Asia
  • EUA – European University Association
  • EUCEN – European University Continuing Education Network
  • EURECOM - Graduate school and Research Centre in Digital Sciences, a major European place for telecommunications and cybersecurity activities
  • TASSEP - The Trans-Atlantic Science Student Exchange Program
  • T.l.M.E. Association


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