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Shaping the future together with science and skill

For Austrians, TU Wien is undoubtedly a national guiding principle and landmark, decisively contributing to the identity of Austria as a research and education location through its excellence, internationality, diversity and presence in the urban space.
With highly committed companies, private individuals, foundations and our graduates, we have reliable and valuable partners as enablers at our side, who financially promote and support us in our research and teaching. 

Foundations and cornerstones for future generations

Our mission

is to sustainably anchor research as a progressive and innovative feat of strength with broad public commitment. Recognizing and solving upcoming and future challenges and problems are the driving force for TU researchers. Climate change and digitalization, mobility and artificial intelligence are some of the research questions to which TU Wien is dedicated and to which the public is constantly informed about research results. In this way, TU Wien makes an important contribution to society.

Our motto

"Technology for people" is thus both a claim and an attitude for the entire TU Wien and therefore becomes a daily practice, a daily motivation and inspiration.

Our vision

Together with you, we create the foundations and cornerstones for future generations in research, teaching and innovation.
We research and develop to create a real sustainable value or benefit for people.

Diverse funding for independent research

With your contribution you support independent research. If you want to become part of the TU Wien community thereby, we can all benefit from it.

Sabine Seidler

Rector of TU Wien

TU Wien understands temporal, spatial and technical resources for good research as a direct prerequisite for high-quality and research-led teaching.
In order to live up to our claim of personal autonomy in research and teaching of all scholars at TU Wien, we are committed every day to providing the necessary resources and financial provisions in the long term and sustainably.

We look forward to seeing you.

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Your points of contact

Code of Conduct

Collaboration between TU Wien and its partners is based on sound ethical and professional relationships. Clearly defined, binding principles underpinning the charitable advancement of research, teaching and the next generation of scientists will enhance the confidence of our partners and society in TU Wien.

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