The central teaching and learning room management at TU Wien is responsible, among other things, for the coordination of security measures for large courses, timetable coordination and release authorisations for all centrally managed rooms.

Another task is the coordination of lecture transfers to parallel lecture halls as well as the provision of security staff for those courses for which no sufficiently large lecture halls are available.

Studyability and teachability are the keywords of this department. Timetable coordination, further development and implementation of the room booking process, central teaching room management, distance learning coordination, opening up teaching rooms as learning rooms (roomTUlearn) and many other responsibilities fall under the tasks of the Central Room Management for Teaching and Learning. The department is located in the Strategic Education Development Center (Department of Studies and Teaching). Our work touches all locations of the TU Wien - therefore we are constantly in intensive exchange with the responsible persons of different organisational units, faculties and institutes.

The ZLLRM is the first point of contact for questions regarding room reservations and the equipment of the more than 100 centrally managed rooms at TU Wien.

As ZLLRM, we are also a part of the Distance Learning Team at TU Wien and thus also a competent contact for all questions regarding the use of centrally managed rooms for distance learning. 

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Core tasks

Our field of activity includes the coordination of all questions concerning the allocation and use of centrally managed teaching rooms at TU Wien. The core tasks therefore include the following three areas in particular:

These include, among other things:

  • Regular meetings for coordination with the timetable coordinators
  • Processing and approving room reservations for centrally managed teaching rooms: We process a total of around 79,000 reservation requests per academic year.
  • Mediating in conflicts regarding the use of certain rooms and technical "troubleshooting" in the event of problems with room reservations
  • Informing students and lecturers about the occupancy, usage options and technical equipment of centrally managed rooms by means of e-mails or announcements on the monitors in the TU Wien buildings or on the university's website.
  • Information about and compensation for current construction measures at the TU Wien that have an impact on teaching - especially with regard to necessary room closures or possible noise disturbances.

In addition, updating the room data stored in TISS and recording the current and future technical equipment of teaching rooms are also part of the tasks of the ZLLRM. This makes it possible to assess where expansions or technical improvements are sensible and possible (e.g. also in relation to the expansion of the LectureTube system). This information is also passed on to Campus Software Development and the Department of Real Estate and Facility Management. In this way, the Central Room Management for Teaching and Learning supports these and many other organisational units in their work and in the implementation of important steps in the area of digitalisation and technical development of services at TU Wien.


As a department of the Strategic Education Development Center, the ZLLRM is involved in numerous projects, in some cases in a leading role - in addition to participating in working groups and focus groups on the topic of digitalisation and the development of teaching and infrastructure, this also includes the permanent establishment of the concept of semester lecture halls, through which the coordination effort for both the administration and the students could be significantly reduced. In addition, specific requirements of individual fields of study can be collected and evaluated and the equipment of the lecture halls can be adapted in a goal-oriented manner. The supervision of the "roomTUlearn" project is also one of the main tasks. In the course of this, teaching rooms of the TU Wien are made available to students as learning rooms. The ZLLRM handles the corresponding requests and reservations from students and, together with the GUT department, ensures that everything runs smoothly and that all currently necessary security measures are observed.

Covid-19 and Distance Learning

Last but not least, the Central Room Management for Teaching and Learning is part of the Distance Learning Team at TU Wien and takes on additional coordination tasks in view of the challenges related to the restrictions on university operations caused by the Corona pandemic. In close coordination with the Rectorate and all other departments represented in the Distance Learning Team, the situation is constantly evaluated so that security measures can be quickly adapted if necessary. With a constant eye on the teaching rooms of the TU Wien, the ZLLRM, together with the GUT department, ensures that information posters are put up, that the seats to be used are labelled and takes care of the provision of disinfectants, etc., the organisation of mailings to staff and students regarding news about teaching and Covid-19 as well as the coordination of the implementation of measures regarding compliance with the "3G rule". Supporting and advising the rectorate on the drafting of regulations relating to teaching and Covid-19 also falls within the remit of this department. Last but not least, the creation and ongoing updating of guidelines on a wide variety of topics is just as much a part of the tasks as the drafting of concepts for planning and optimisation options in future semesters.

The Central Room Management for Teaching and Learning is a department with a strategic orientation and practical approach, located at the interface between the university management, the areas of critical infrastructure in relation to teaching and all persons who become users of the teaching and learning spaces of TU Wien as teachers, students or as general employees. In this privileged position, this department plays an important role in a wide range of areas behind the scenes of university administration and, through this commitment and expertise, contributes significantly to the positive development of TU Wien, even in difficult times. The challenges of the Covid 19 pandemic and the way TU Wien was able to cope with them organisationally have shown how important it is for central areas of the administration to be well coordinated in order to continue operations. We are aware of this responsibility and therefore we want to continue to use our position to constantly improve the quality of the organisation and services in space management and in all our other areas of responsibility. This ranges from ongoing process optimisation and critical reflection on familiar procedures to continuous use-oriented evaluation of the required infrastructures and technical equipment in the teaching rooms at TU Wien.

We want to continue to keep things running and are committed to ensuring that all members of TU Wien are as satisfied as possible with the provision, management and equipment of the rooms in which teaching and learning take place. The more people perceive this smooth organisational process as a matter of course, the more we see ourselves confirmed in our achievements.


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In the "roomTUlearn" project, we are again opening our centrally managed teaching rooms as learning spaces. Due to Covid-19 security measures, there are a few things to keep in mind. You can find all the info here.

Attention: Construction site

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At TU Wien, construction measures are being implemented on an ongoing basis, which also affect lecture halls. You can find all the necessary information here.

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