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Basic Qualification

Junior teaching staff at TU Wien should get to grips with the culture of teaching and learning at university as early on as possible in their career. They should ensure that they are familiar with the basics of modern higher education teaching.

The aim of the basic qualification provided here is the development of fundamental teaching skills and basic familiarity with the role of a teacher.

An intensive course spanning two days is designed to support less experienced teaching staff as they get started on their teaching careers within a university setting.

The completion of the basic qualification forms part of the collective agreement for university employees and is therefore a requirement for those who are new to teaching.

[According to Section 49, Para 8, acc. to the collective contract, opens an external URL in a new window, assistant researchers and senior scientists in their first year of employment should only be allowed to teach on their own once they have completed the training on offer (= basic qualification).]

This requirement may not apply if an employee has already taught as a lecturer. There is also the option of skills gained during previous training on higher education teaching being accepted if proof can be provided.

Ideally, skills will continue to be developed beyond the scope of the basic qualification. For this purpose, teaching staff can take their pick from the comprehensive workshop programme, which is constantly changing.

Teaching staff who are not required to complete training can attend sessions as they wish if places are available.

The intensive workshops required for the basic qualification are put on at regular intervals, meaning that it is usually possible for staff to be teaching on their own within six months.

Events & Registration

The next dates for basic qualifications can be found in our Event Calendar. To register for focus:lehre offers, please use TISS, opens an external URL in a new window.

Requirements as well as general conditions for participation in the focus:lehre program can be found on the main page of university didactics.

Past Events

In the archive of Past Events you can view past dates, details and information.

Event Calendar

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Dates and details of events, basic training and workshops can be found in our Event Calendar!