FAQ TU Wien Expertise für Wiener Unternehmen

Any project that constitutes an emerging collaboration between business and academia is eligible for support:

  • Preparation for innovation projects (new processes or products)
  • Technical expertise to protect new business ideas or new business fields
  • Advice for the implementation of innovative customer orders
  • Unbiased technical expertise prior to investment decisions or for the settlement of disputes
  • Solution for technical production problems
  • Technical support for quality assurance
  • Provision of initial academic services (such as special measurements, analyses)
  • Feasibility studies in the specified operational framework

Any business in Vienna with an active business licence registered with the Vienna Chamber of Commerce. 

Consultancy services 

Short consultation

  • Initial discussion with TU Wien experts
  • Project definition and scope
  • In-depth analysis and recommendation for implementation measures and the subsequent approach  

The Vienna Chamber of Commerce covers the overall cost up to €800.

Focused consultancy 

Further or more in-depth consultancy in one of the following forms:

  • Support with the conception of a joint funding proposal
  • Completion of initial measurements
  • Analyses

TU Wien's hourly rate for external consultancy services is €150. The Vienna Chamber of Commerce provides funding for €40 per hour, for a maximum of 30 hours. Start-ups (up to 3 years) are supported with €60 per hour.

For more information, see the document:

TU Wien Expertise für Unternehmen, opens a file in a new window

(Funding guidelines 1.1.2020)

For an overview of the expertise in TU Wien's key research areas and associated topics, see: https://tiss.tuwien.ac.at/fpl/search.xhtml, , opens an external URL in a new window 

We are also pleased to help you find the right expert(s) for your research question. Write to us at wirtschaftskooperationen@tuwien.ac.at 

Telephone: 0043 664 60588 5241.

As soon as you have found the right TU Wien experts for you, register with us by sending an e-mail to unternehmensberatung@wkw.at, stating your contact details and relevant information about your project: 

  • Topic and brief description of consultancy content in a few sentences
  • Name of researcher
  • Anticipated scope of consultancy required and reference to TU Wien's standard hourly rate ("as agreed with TU Wien at an hourly rate of €150”)

After funding approval has been confirmed by the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, your company signs a consultancy agreement with the TU Wien experts. When the consultancy is completed, the business receives all project documents (consultancy reports, invoice). The company agrees to pay the entire consultancy fee in advance. After submitting all project documentation to the Vienna Chamber of Commerce the confirmed subsidy is refunded.

The short consultation (initial discussion) is fully subsidised (to a maximum of €800).
For a specific consultation, the company receives a subsidy of €40 per hour for up to 30 hours, start-ups receive €60 per hour.

TU Wien's hourly rate for these consultancy services is €150.

This funding can be claimed once a year by any business in Vienna.

In principle, employees at TU Wien and the Vienna Chamber of Commerce are obliged to maintain confidentiality.
If necessary, we can also conclude an additional confidentiality agreement with you.