The Strategy Development Process is divided into three phases:

  • Listen & discuss topics:
    • Until November 2024. Two Key questions accompany us throughout this phase:
      • What does TU Wien stand for?
      • What should TU Wien stand for in 10 years?
  • fuTUre fit Convention (Workshop week) & derive strategy:
    • The workshop week will take place from November 18 to 20.
    • Sounding Board: international experts with relevant experience and expertise.
    • The strategy paper will be drawn up and published by the end of the year.
  • Competition of ideas for implementation:
    • From January 2025, there will be a competition of ideas for implementation.
    • We are relying on the creativity and diversity within TU Wien to implement the measures from the strategy paper as efficiently as possible.
    • Our strategy will be implemented from the 2nd quarter of 2025.

6 Key messages of the Rectorate team

In developing a vision for TU Wien, we are guided by the following key messages:

  1. We want to create a responsible trusting and open-minded culture that demands performance and personal responsibility and supports people.
  2. We want to be an attractive environment for committed, competent and reliable people who help shape a cultural change geared towards positive, continuous change.
  3. In order to achieve excellence in the long run, we want to focus on research fields in which we can assume international leadership in the medium run, while at the same time remaining open to recognizing and developing future-oriented topics.
  4. We want to actively work towards improving the framework conditions that enable students to complete their studies successfully and in a reasonable amount of time.
  5. We want to increase the efficiency of administrative processes and tools by empowering people who are knowledgeable, communicative and strong in implementation.
  6. We strive to be sustainable in our thoughts, actions and solutions and thus act as a role model for society.