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Are you a student of mechanical engineering, process engineering or physics or are you simply interested in our institute? Then you are cordially invited to our career workshop!

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Our Research Units

Practically all technical products and systems today are mechatronic systems: From the smallest devices such as smartphones, to vehicles and robots, to large industrial plants such as power stations. They combine components of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and electronics as well as computer science.

The focus of scientific research at our institute is precisely on these disciplines and especially on their integration in mechatronic systems. On the one hand, our range of courses covers important basic subjects of the Bachelor's degree, such as mechanics or control engineering. On the other hand, in the Master's degree programmes we offer students challenging curricula and exciting final theses that allow them to deepen and specialise in the topics of mechatronics.

E325-01 Technical Dynamics and Vehicle System Dynamics

E325-02 Mechanics of Solids

E325-03 Sensor and Actuator Technology

E325-04 Control and Process Automation


TU Wien - Institute of Mechanics and Mechatronics

Getreidemarkt 9 / E325 / Objekt BA 5th and 6th floor

A 1060 Vienna


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