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Faculty of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

The TU Wien is looking back on a tradition of over 200 years. In 1815 its predecessor, the k.k (imperial-royal) Polytechnic Institute was established which, in the first half of the 19th century, represented by far the largest institution of its kind within the Habsburg Empire. In line with its purpose, this institution traditionally has had close ties with industry and commerce and from the beginning it has especially addressed subject matters that nowadays one would associate with mechanical engineering. In 1872 the k.k. Polytechnic Institute was transformed into a Technical College. Since 1901 it has been authorised to award doctoral degrees, and since 1975 it holds the name “Vienna University of Technology“.

In addition to the traditional areas of mechanical engineering, the teaching and research fields of the roughly 20 Chairs of the faculty also include indus- trial management sciences. The faculty offers the two curricula of mechanical engineering and industrial engineering, both consecutively structured as bachelor and master programmes each. In addition, our faculty is substantially involved in the curricula of plant/chemical engineering, in the master curricula of materials science and biomedical engineering, as well as in various postgraduate programmes.

The faculty‘s research activities cover a wide spectrum and are thoroughly integrated in the research areas of the TU Wien in terms of strategic profiling. Four primary research areas were defined with a special focus on:

  • Energy, Mobility, Transport and Environment
  • Materials, Production and Management
  • Human Centred Design, Health and Medicine
  • Digital engineering innovation

This Website provides insight into the wide competence range of the faculty with regard to academic teaching, our strategic directions of research, and the profiles of the individual institutes. 

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Video of the Campus Getreidemarkt

Faculty of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Getreidemarkt 9, BA Hochhaus, 3. Stock
A-1060 Wien


Faculty News

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