Our new Laborartory

Now that the new laboratory in the new BF building is fully operational, we have suitable premises for our research with all our research and measuring equipment and experimental setups.

Laboratory Equipment for Magnetic Levitation

Figures: Laboratory experiments for research and teaching

Laboratory Equipment for Autonomous Driving

Processing complex interrelationships using measurement and manufacturing technology

The equipment of the Institute of Mechanics and Mechatronics includes several (real and virtual) laboratories and a workshop. These facilities support teaching of theoretical and practical content, and are also in use for the implementation of projects with external partners, as well as internal research objectives.

The variety of laboratories ranges from control engineering experimental arrangements on machine and dynamic driving test benches to complex measuring devices for the characterization of sensors and actuators, as well as the determination of material properties.

Our Workshop and Measuring Equipment

In addition, the research division has a modern workshop, which can produce experimental set-ups and prototypes with precision, both in teaching and in research projects.

The equipment pool of the institute workshop includes lathes, milling and drilling machines in different models and equipment. Thereby, but also thanks to the great craftsmanship of the employees, custom-made solutions can be fabricated, in most cases ourselves, as they are again and again needed in the context of scientific projects at the Institute.