Overhead Line Emulation with PHiL

This experiment is a demonstrator of the moving railway catenary dynamics. The purpose of this experiment is to reproduce the forces created by the contact wire onto the pantograph of a train. Indeed, the contact wire exhibits oscillations, depending on the catenary system geometry (mast, dropper, insulator, etc.) and the train speed.

The Setup

The first figure shows the arm exerting a force on a current collector (scaled version). The complete set-up can be seen in the second figure. Here the behaviour of the virtual model is illustrated on the screen.

Pantograph under pressure
Laboratory equipment for Impendance Control Demonstrator

Challenge for the Teaching

  • Study the different vibration modes of the contact wire
  • Test different catenary and pantograph geometries
  • Employ modern control theory to emulate virtual system behaviour

Application in Practice

  • Mechatronic impedance control
  • Mass spring damper systems
  • Bending beam / tensioned string
  • Railway catenary design and test

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