Research Projects of the Research Unit

Control and Process Automation


Illustration of a SNG chain with four steps

Automation, digitalization and process optimization of the production of feed-in synthetic natural gas from renewable solid fuels. An essential contribution to the reduction of CO2 intensity for Austria!


A hydrogen-powered car drives along a winding road between fir trees

Development of a model-based fuel cell control concept to enable transient phases without damage.


Trucks send signals to front trucks to determine an automatic distance

© IEEE (2020) with permission under CC BY-4.0

Innovative truck platoon control concept combining trajectory optimization and distributed model-predictive control to efficiently reduce fuel consumption and increase traffic safety.


Control concept of a cooling circuit in an electric refrigerated truck

Mobility of the future - Integrated thermal management systems for electrically powered Refrigerated Light Trucks.


blue circle with the letters DEEPEN

© DI Rahael Hartner | Institute of Industrial Management, FH Johanneum

Efficiency increase and quality improvement in plastics extrusion through the use of soft sensors.


Electric vehicle, which has a measuring device for cooling in the cargo space

Development of an advanced model-based control strategy to monitor the specified temperature limits in the refrigerated transports.


Schematic illustration of a wind power plant and the path of the electricity to the household appliances

Energy Demand Control System PROcess For Industrial low Temperature.


Teaserpicture Project Böhler

Emission Limited Model Predictive Control Of Small-Scale Biomass Furnaces.


schematic representation of a car chassis with battery equipment

Increasing Market Penetration of FC Cars by Efficient System Solutions.


Tractor unit of a lorry with electric drive

The FC4HD project aims to develop and demonstrate a full 40t fuel cell truck and brings fuel cell technologies on the road.


Steam tank and PCM cells for project hysteps

Nonlinear observers for complex distributed systems.


schematic visualization of a fuel cell and an electric motor

This project focuses on heavy-duty fuel cell electric vehicles for road freight transport.


7 boxes in a circle which are linked together

Real time intersection traffic management and optimization trough integrated and flexible communication, control and simulation methods to enhance traffic safety & efficiency while reducing traffic emissions.


Network between factory building lines and power supply

© INNO Jenbacher GmbH & Co OG

Model-based and adaptive control strategies for the robust integration of Jenbacher gas engines in microgrids with renewable generators and storage.


Formula and diagrams

Advanced Control for Efficient Fuel Cell Operation.

VariSpeed II

Schema Feedforward Control

Development of a two-degree-of-freedom controller that determined the optimal reference trajectory generated by the pilot input.

CDL Emulated Reality

schematic illustration of a monitor, computer and a blue car

Experimental Validation of Innovative Control Concepts for Test Beds in Hardware-in-the-Loop Configuration.