Project Description

The global movement of goods relies greatly on trucks. Some goods need not just to be transported from A to B but must be kept within a specific temperature range. For example, food and pharmaceutical industries face financial losses of millions of dollars a year by violating such limits. It is estimated that 700 million tons of food waste yearly result from poor temperature conditions during transport.

Project Goal

This project aimed to keep better track of given temperature limits to inhibit or at least strongly diminish waste of goods and to increase overall efficiency simultaneously. This was achieved by applying a sophisticated model-based control strategy defining how the cooling unit inside of a refrigerated truck should be operated. Comprehensive experimental investigations confirmed the theoretical advantages of the proposed algorithm demonstrated in simulations.

Electric vehicle, which has a measuring device for cooling in the cargo space

Video Presentation

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Video Title: DiNaMiC - Distributed Model Predictive Control for Modular Cooling Units

Distributed MPC Modular Cooling Units


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