Project Description

The production of feed-in synthetic natural gas (SNG) from renewable solid fuels such as residual and waste materials is a promising approach to reduce CO2 intensity in the Austrian industrial and energy sector. The dual-fluidized-bed (DFB) gas generation technology with subsequent SNG synthesis has already been commercially implemented. In the course of process development, a number of points were neglected. Therefore, the technology has not been competitive on the market yet. In particular, the holistic process optimization, the development of a holistic control and automation concept, and the potential of digitalization of the technology have been insufficiently explored.

Project Goal

The aim of this research project is not only to close the individual research gaps but also to exploit the full potential of digitization, automation and optimization of the process by focusing on the interactions and intersections of the individual research areas and enabling cost reduction while maintaining high quality.

The Process

The process (see diagram below), consisting of dual-fluidized-bed (DFB) gasification and fluidized bed methanation, will be modeled to enable overall optimization (simulation studies, sensitivity analysis, scalability analysis). Based on these findings, a control concept will be designed, integrated and tested at a 100 kW pilot plant, and the transferability of the R&D results to industrial plants will be investigated by means of industrial measurement data.

Illustration of a SNG chain with four steps

The efficiency of data evaluation and process monitoring is increased by the creation of a digital twin. The digital twin receives live data from the test plant and can use simulation models to represent historical and current plant conditions, as well as predict future ones. This includes the implementation of a soft sensor to measure and predict gas composition from product gas generation as well as methanation.


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  • March 2021 - April 2024


Projektass. Dipl.-Ing. Lukas Stanger BSc

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