Project Description

Automatic processing and bending of steel panels requires high accuracy and adaptivity of the bending machine. Within a bigger project, our group focused on the crowning of the bending tools, which is needed for achieving the same bending angles over the entire length of the panel. Accomplished according to the appropriate mathematical model based on measured angle profiles, crowning needs to be repeated with regular intervals.

Thus, a software tool comprising both the computation of optimal crown profiles taking the large variety of the bending tools and kinds of measurements into account and a data management functionality, such that the history of measurements for a specific machine could be processed is required. The developed software tool was tailored according to the specific needs of the project partner and is in daily use.

Resultwindow of the Software CrownManager

Figure: User interface of the developed software tool

Cooperation Partners


Univ.Prof. Mag. Dr. Yury Vetyukov

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