Project Description

Developing novel control systems for the operation of a hot rolling mill required an efficient numerical model for the sheet run, which could be used for model-based controller design. The controller should enable the threading of a metal strip into the roll stands, the tension control during the rolling process and the metal strip should be kept in the middle of the mill despite geometric imperfections (thickness wedge, camber) and temperature differences.

A mechanical model for the motion of an elastic-plastic hot metal strip between the roll stands was coupled both to the controller module implemented using Simulink and to the external roll gap model, provided by the industrial project partner. The required efficiency, accuracy and smoothness of the simulation were achieved with the help of the non-material finite element technique, such that the material particles of the metal strip are moving across the finite element mesh, whose nodes remain fixed in the axial direction.

The model was implemented in the framework of the software package HOTINT, opens an external URL in a new window.

Result window of the Software Hotint

Figure: Visualisation of the simulation of the hot rolling process implemented in the software framework HOTINT


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