Contract Services

Contract Services offer advice and support in drafting and negotiating R&D agreements and co-operation agreements with companies.

For this purpose, TU Wien provides its staff members with model contracts, which serve as a basis for drafting the contracts with companies for planned research projects. In the case of wordings that deviate from the model contracts – or if other contracts are to be used as the basis for drafting the contract – please contact Contract Services.

You can find below a brief overview of the specific possible applications for the model contracts. 

Co-operation agreements (also referred to as "consortium agreements")

This type of contract is required in most funded projects by the respective funding agency. We also recommend this model contract as the starting point for projects in which more than two parties participate, see Downloads Vertragsservice.


Research and development agreements (R&D agreements)

R&D agreements are used in “classic” contract research – e.g. when a company commissions an institute to carry out research in a particular field.

In the Downloads Vertragsservice area you find a short model contract for projects with low volume contract (up to approx. € 25,000), and a longer model contract for all projects with high volume contracts. 


Measurements and Findings Contract (including General Contract Terms)

This model contract should be used if the project consists of a routine investigation, and no new scientific findings are expected on the basis of this contract, see Downloads Vertragsservice.

The General Contract Terms are attached to this contract as annex. If deviating provisions are required in a specific project, please contact the legal advisors in our department. 


Confidentiality agreements

Confidentiality agreements are concluded before planned co-operation. They serve primarily to give the participants the possibility of discussing planned projects without running the risk of revealing their own trade secrets.

There are two versions of confidentiality agreements:

An unilateral confidentiality agreement is only binding for the persons who receive information, while a bilateral confidentiality agreement is equally binding for both contracting parties. We recommend that you primarily use bilateral confidentiality agreements, see TU Wien Template Downloads Vertragsservice


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