Student support services

For first year students


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The mathematics adjustment course goes over the basic chapters of school mathematics for the upcoming course. We encourage you to participate!

Mentoring Program

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Successful students in higher semesters support and accompany those who are freshly starting their studies and those returning to university. The program is going to bring you through your first semester at the TU.

First year student tutorials

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The student council introduces yot to the everyday studentslife. At the so-called ETUTs you learn how to not get lost at the sometimes confusing university jungle. This is usually where the first learning groups come together. Every student council organizes the ETUT on its own way, so take a look at the homepage ti find out more.

For students with disabilities, chronic illnesses, mental stress

Barrier-free studying

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TU Barrierfrei – a service point for students who count themselves among the disabled and chronically ill students or those who are otherwise impaired in their studies.


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Study at the TU Wien being deaf or having problems to hear clearly? Do not worry, we will support you.

Psychosocial care

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Here you can find advice and support whenever everything seems to become too much and goes downhill.
We offer one-to-one sessions or group events. Feel free to join!

HTU department for barrierfree accessibility

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The Accessibility Department represents the rights of people with disabilities and chronic illnesses. It is committed to remove physical barriers, eliminate discrimination and thus enabling people with disabilities to study successfully and valuablely at the TU.

For students with care responsibilities


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The crèche of the TU Wien is a non-profit association that was founded following the idea of giving young parents the opportunity to continue or complete their  university education. 


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TU Wien is the only university in Vienna that offers hourly childcare for under-3-years old children of students and employees.

HTU social department

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The social department of the HTU is your partner for advice when it comes to studying and parenting. There are regular consultation hours, a parents' newsletter, etc. The social department also takes care of the children's fund.

Student representation: HTU

Social questions

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The social department of the HTU is the contact for everything that concerns allowances, scholarships, social security, studying with a disability, studying with a family, cases of hardship, etc. It offers advice on all of these issues and more. The department can also help you out with a tax or housing law advice.

Law and rights

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If you have any questions regarding law, especially within the university or educational policy, you can contact the HTU education and politics department.

Student department

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If you have problems with a teacher or a subject, don't know your curriculum or have other study-related concerns, the student council is there to help you out.

HTU department for international students

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What are the tuition fees? How does the approval work? Where to stay? How does the visa work? The AuRef of the HTU helps you to find answers to these questions and is the right contact for students from third countries.

Gender equality and womens' empowerment

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The Department serves as a contact for questions regarding the gender equality. We are firmly convinced that it doesn’t matter what gender, sexual orientation, religion or origin you have, we should all be treated equaly and have the same opportunities. In particular, the empowerment of women is important to us.

LGBT* & Queer

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The queer department is committed about promoting diversity at the TU. It advises and supports you on all aspects of the rainbow.

Events & cultur department

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The event & culture department promotes the cultural interests of students at the TU Vienna, for example with discounted concert tickets or campaigns.

Department for Sustainability

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The HUT sustainability department supports the dissemination of know-how on the subject of sustainable technologies within the TU. It gives you the opportunity to join courses and internships.

Study and sports


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KADA is a non-governmental, non-profit association which strives to ensure that elite athletes have secure and fulfilling prospects for the future – by promoting the feasibility of combining sports with education or vocational training.

Sports at the TU

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The sports department promotes the interests of students offering sport activities, for example as part of the ACSL (Austrian College Sports League).

For students with a migration background

HTU department for foreign students

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What are the tuition fees? How does the approval work? Where to stay? How does the visa work? The AuRef of the HTU helps you to find answers to these questions and is the partner for students from third countries.