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Gender Competence

TU Wien is committed to advancement opportunities for women and to creating positive, career-promoting conditions for women. It therefore views achieving the objective of providing women and men at TU Wien with development opportunities in line with their qualifications and eliminating or levelling out existing disadvantages for women as a shared responsibility of all university members.

The Gender Competence Service Department is a service facility for achieving these objectives. Its responsibilities extend to the areas of gender studies and research into gender equality, female-specific personnel development for colleagues, promotion measures for female pupils, students and junior scientists, as well as consultancy services.


Gender resources

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Gender matters at TU Wien: status quo & possible courses of action

Gender in teaching & study programmes

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Technology is not gender-neutral. Gender research as an integral part of a TU degree


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Yes, you can! Female TU students support new female students and pupils aged 16 and over.


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