Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jens Schneider is Rector of TU Wien since October 2023.

The Rector is the Head of the Rectorate. He is responsible for the overall coordination and management of the TU Wien as well as the external representation. He is responsible for the implementation of the resolutions of the Rectorate and the University Council. He shall perform all agendas which are not assigned to another body on the basis of the Universities Act (UG) 2002, the Statutes or these Rules of Procedure. If the rector takes action within the scope of their fall-back competence, he shall report to the rectorate in this respect. The following areas fall within the rector's area of responsibility for independent execution:

Duties that are only assigned to the Rector pursuant to § 23 para. 1 UG

  • Chairperson of and spokesperson for the Rector’s Office
  • Drawing up a proposal for the election of the Vice Rectors
  • Head of the University Office
  • Negotiating and concluding the performance agreements and development agreements with the Federal Minister
  • Performing the function of the highest-ranking superior of the  entire university staff
  • Deciding between the candidates nominated as university professors by the appointment committee and conducting the appointment procedures
  • Concluding employment contracts and work contracts
  • Granting powers pursuant to § 28 para. 1UG

Press Photos

Portrait of Rektor Jens Schneider

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Portrait of Jens Schneider

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Inauguration of the Rector

The recording of the live stream and some photos of the Rector's inauguration can be found on the Inauguration page.