EURAXESS - Researchers in Motion

is a pan-European initiative delivering information and advice services to researchers and their employers. Its objective is to support the mobility and career development of researchers within the European research community.

The initiative has four key components:

EURAXESS Jobs & Funding
A free portal for researchers and research institutions

EURAXESS Information & Assistence
A network of more than 260 service centres in 40 countries providing information and advice services to researchers and their family members in host countries.

EURAXESS Research Working Environment
Information about improving the recruitment and working conditions of researchers in Europe and the support given by research institutions to enable researchers to develop their careers.

EURAXESS Worldwide
Information services and networking activities for European researchers working outside Europe.

is the Austrian  EURAXESS Webportal , a joint initiative from bm:bwf, OeAD-GmbH, FFG and numerous universities, organisations and research institutions.

The Austrian network of service facilities for visiting foreign researchers and their families consists of two service centers (OeAD-GmbH and FFG-EIP)

and numerous local information centres.

TU Wien’s local information centre is:

European and International Research Support (E058-01)
Mag. Ann-Christin Kehrberg
Resselgasse 3, 2 Stiege, 3rd floor
1040 Vienna, Austria
Tel.: +43-(1)-58801-41567