Quartaly Report IV/2019

The following tasks were processed in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Overview Operation

    Authentication new
    Relocation of Redmine and git

Fast Lane

    Room reservation: contact details prefilled
    Suggestion for improvement for e-mails about appointment collisions - Link to room reservation
    Building admins can change rooms and room managers
    Upload ÖAD - Erasmus Outgoings
    Adjustments overall registration architecture: remove restriction for completed entries
    ORCID in export/API

Project database

Test and productive implementation of the application approval incl., questionnaire, Eder parameters in the administration, sponsor definition Requirements concern conflict of interest and small and micro projects as well as own projects

Repository ( Migration Repository and Publication Database )

Application approval - implementation of requirements, administration of donors/funders, cleaning up the data structure, improvement/unification of the user interface (project view and project editing), financing: coordination of new guidelines and comparison of requirements from individual departments (focus: finance)

FPF 2.0

New work packages will be put together and existing and missing requirements will be collected.

LVA evaluation 2.0

No progress in Q4.

Examination evaluation

Submission and saving of assessments, general conditions for assessment (time frame, restrictions of exams to be assessed, saved details of the exam, repeated exams), completion of assessment of exams by students, admin view, download of assessment results for admins

Admission procedure and aptitude tests

Copying of procedures, completion of procedures, integration of UHStat-1, conversion of incoming students to UHStat-1, improvements in counselling interviews and in procedure administration


Adaptation of forms in TISS (for applicants and Mobility Services); adaptation of TISS internal processes

Web services data network

Connection to BRZ interfaces

GUT - DMS Rental contracts

Code improvements and adaptations (ongoing development of the ADF by Alfresco). There is a production instance that also supports the development cycle (version control, rolling out new versions, etc.). A first alpha version can be viewed.

TU Data Interfaces - Master Data Adjustment SAP

Transfer postings of global budget shares to internal orders for third-party funds by institutes should not be possible via TISS in the future either. The comparison is currently carried out twice a day. A solution has been found for implementing the difference reconciliation (logging in SAP as a basis for changes). Manual reconciliation is possible for each person at any time.

Workflow Engine - tendering workflow

Adaptation of the workflow to process start in PPT, improvement of user experience, adaptation of releases to the new, TISS-wide rights system at object level, adaptation to Alfresco Process Services (APS), support for the setup of APS and the release process by the external service provider FAW

Workflow Engine - Organization new

No progress

Broadcasts New

New filter options, UX improvements, bug fixes.

Appointment process

Creation of guest accounts by deaneries, integration of reviewers, application status, coordination of the workflow for the release of the advertisement text.

Rails 5 Upgrade

Adaptation of all controllers and testing to Rails 5 while maintaining compatibility to Rails 4.

Integration Online Payment

Creation of suitable CSV files for import into SAP. Started to consolidate the contractual relationship of the TU Vienna with SIX Payment. Elicited requirements for automated SAP invoice generation.

Direct import of lecturers and tutors

Last adaptations in the LKL and SAP, completion by technical documentation, support of the installation of the student employees via the new interface, know how transfer within the TISS team.

Barrier-free ways

A first prototype was created and can be viewed on a test server. The integration in TISS also includes a graphical/textual description of the barrier-free paths.

TUdo in on-boarding

Detailed conception and further expansion
Barrier-free paths

Preparation of presentation in TISS, technical infrastructure. By the end of the quarter a proof of concept with the indoor positioning system of TU.it

Library cloakroom box

Connection of the cloakroom boxes to the system of the company SAG / Schlagbaum. Regular data comparison of the authorizations with the Tucard. Improvements in the user interaction.


Administration and management of guest accounts, creation of guest accounts by TISS users, improvement of duplicate cleansing, implementation of object-based rights and corresponding assignment of roles

Internal events

Analysis and adaptation of the code base, Role and rights system consideration and implementation, Basic functions and use