Picture of the team: From left to right: [background] Kerstin Pluch, Balázs Cserpes, Andreas Voigt, Julia Pechhacker, Julia Forster, Stefan Bindreiter, Peter Bleier, Magdalena Maierhofer, Wolf-Dieter Frei, Isabella Schuster, Hans Peter Walchhofer, Lena Hohenkamp [front] Doris Mayer, Rudolf Scheuvens, Heiner Hierzegger, Helena Linzer, Friedrich Moser

© Karl Heinz Porsch



To understand practice, research and teaching as a unit and to link them with each other is the goal of the research unit of local planning [ifoer]. The equally named institute was founded in 1974. The research unit currently comprises 18 staff members from the fields of architecture, urban planning and spatial planning.