Emanuela Semlitsch

Emanuela Semlitsch studied spatial and regional planning at TU Wien and the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Since 2008 she has been teaching and pursuing her research here at TU Wien as a pre-doc assistant at the Research Unit of Local Planning.

The experience and expertise accumulated in her work as an urban street theatre performer provided the raw material for her dissertation "Spielraum lassen. Performative Interventionen im Kontext der Stadt“ ("Space to act. Performative interventions in the urban context"), with which she graduated from TU Wien in 2012. Her current teaching and research foci lie in urban educational spaces, performative strategies in planning and research, and reflective drafting of plans and plan-based research.

Emanuela Semlitsch is an active member of the interdisciplinary research team "Arbeitsraum Bildung, opens an external URL in a new window" ("Workspace Education") at the Faculty of Architecture and Spatial Planning.