Magdalena Maierhofer

Magdalena Maierhofer studied architecture at TU Wien and urban design at the HafenCity University of Hamburg, where she worked for IBA Hamburg and was involved in the University of Neighbourhoods research project. Her dissertation "A hospital is not a tree – the reurbanisation of hospitals and healthcare" develops a new perspective on healthcare institutions in the context of urban and regional planning.

Her PhD thesis explores the interconnections between city, public health and planning, studying the radical changes taking place in the contemporary landscape of healthcare provision and asking questions about the future roles of public health, hospitals and other healthcare infrastructures in the city and the wider region, new types of healthcare provision that are likely to emerge, and how these will transform the city, the region and the planning process.

Since 2016 Magdalena Maierhofer has also been working for the Albert Wimmer firm of architects as a hospital planner for international projects.