Deadlines and dates for selection procedure 2024

  • Online registration from December 15, 2023, 12:00 p.m. to February 16, 2024 11:59 p.m.
  • Proof of qualitative admission requirements until February 16, 2024 11:59 p.m.
  • Upload motivational letter until February 16, 2024 11:59 p.m.
  • EChem-Test, online, several, freely selectable dates during second half of February 2024
  • Ranking and result of the selection procedure until March 2024
  • Start of study October 1, 2024


At TUW Barrier-free you will find general information to support your studies. The team also helps us with the selection procedure.

Please contact in time (from the beginning of registration) and let us know what support you need. Please note that even in this case we cannot extend the deadlines. In order to be able to support you within the registration process you have to contact us at least a few days before the end of the registration period, depending on the effort required for your support offer. In order to be able to support you within the framework of a ranking test, you must contact us by the day after the end of the registration period.


  1. Create a TISS user or use a TU account if available
  2. Select application for Master "Green Chemistry" in  TISS.
  3. Complete data
    1. personal data
    2. Copy of identity card
    3. Contact details
    4. Fill in UHSTAT
  4. Register by the deadline
    1. Provide provisional Qualitative Admission Requirements
    2. Submit letter of motivation
  5. Selection procedure
    1. Carry out EChem-Test (ATTENTION: from 15 February only approx. one weeks time)
    2. Wait for the ranking procedure
  6. Complete admission data
  7. Admission to the programme


If you are new at TU Wien please create a TISS, opens an external URL in a new window Guest-Account. With the TISS Guest-Account you can log in to our central TU Wien Information System (TISS).
The TISS guest account is created by entering your e-mail address and password in the form "Create account". Afterwards, a link for confirmation will be sent to the given e-mail address. As soon as you visit the link, your e-mail address is verified and your account is created. 


A TU account is available to all students and employees of TU Wien. Therefore, if you are already studying or working at TU Wien, you can apply for a study programme within your TU account.


With your TISS account you can apply for a Study Programme. Your application will guide you through all necessary steps until you are admitted to the program. However, please also always take note of the general admission requirements which are described on the page of the Admissions Office.
With your application for a programme you also take part in the selection procedure. You can use it to process your registration, receive information in the section "Your Application" and can obtain documents.

The documents you hand in as part of the application will only be checked according to certain aspects of content. If your documents are accepted in the application, this does not mean that they are already sufficient for admission to the degree programme. Often you will have to submit additional documents at the time of admission.


The online registration allows you to participate in the selection procedure. To register, you must have a TU account or create a TISS guest account. Then you can start the application process, opens an external URL in a new window.

The necessary steps to complete the registration are:

  1. Create application,
  2. enter personal data,
  3. Preliminary proof of the qualitative admission requirements,
  4. upload motivation letter.

The steps will be shown in your application.

This agreement allows us to use your email address and personal data for the delivery of information about the start of your programme that is not directly related to your application.

You can change your agreement any time at your TISS account.

You will receive the registration confirmation in your application after you have completed the registration. 

Basically no. Please note, however, that the registration must be completed by the end of the registration period. This means that all necessary documents for provisional proof of the qualitative admission requirements must be available by the end of the registration period. A subsequent improvement or submission of documents for the registration is excluded after the deadline and you will be excluded from the further procedure in case of missing evidence.

If you have participated in all the necessary steps of the procedure, if you have completed your registration on time and, if necessary, if you have taken part in the ranking procedure, you will receive a confirmation or a rejection of a study place. 
With the confirmation of a study place, you will be admitted to studies either in the winter semester or in the following summer semester of the academic year in which you participated in the selection procedure. After that, the confirmation of a place expires.

Qualitative admission requirements

Qualitative admission requirements are knowledge specified in the curriculum, which must already be proven before admission to this study programme. In any case, admission to the Master's programme Green Chemistry requires proof of the following qualitative admission requirements:

  • Within the framework of the studies, 48 ECTS of chemical subjects such as fundamentals of chemistry, organic, physical, analytical chemistry and biochemistry have been completed.
  • Within the framework of the chemical subjects, at least 16 ECTS of laboratory exercises in the field of fundamentals of chemistry, physical chemistry, preparative laboratory or synthesis chemistry, analytical chemistry or biochemistry must have been completed.
  • Further 60 ECTS of courses must be completed from the close field of chemistry/natural sciences such as chemical technology, process engineering, theoretical chemistry, biology, measurement technology or similar.

With the completion of the following Bachelor's programmes, these qualitative admission requirements are fulfilled in any case:

  • Technical Chemistry at TU Wien,
  • Food Science and Biotechnology at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, and
  • Chemistry at the University of Vienna.

For admission, you need proof of successful completion of one of the above-mentioned Bachelor’s programmes or proof of successful completion of another relevant Bachelor's programme at a recognized domestic or foreign post-secondary educational institution of the same level of higher education (e.g. university, university of applied sciences) including proof of the knowledge required to fulfil the qualitative admission requirements. For registration purposes, proof of at least 120 completed ECTS credits of the related bachelor’s programme as well as a confirmation of the educational institution about the expected completion is sufficient.

If the qualitative admission requirements are not fulfiled, participation in the selection procedure and consequently admission to the Master's programme Green Chemistry is not possible.

As part of the registration process, you must provide evidence of the qualitative admission requirements. You will be asked to upload documents. Please note that

  • you select the correct "type of document"
  • you always create and upload ONE PDF file with all pages of the original document and also, if necessary, including the necessary translations
  • If you need to upload a file again, please have all parts in ONE PDF file again.

Documents that are not issued in German or English must also be submitted in the form of a translation by a sworn translator.

Case 1: You have a degree from or are studying one of the following studies: Technical Chemistry at the TU Wien, Food and Biotechnology at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences Vienna and Chemistry at the University of Vienna.

With the degree it is sufficient to upload the Certificate of Study Completion (degree certificate), otherwise you need

  • Confirmation on expected sytudy completion (from the educational institution)
  • Transcript of records (all exams taken and their grades)

Case 2: You have a degree from or are studying another subject-related study program:

  • The Certificate of Study Completion (degree certificate) or Confirmation on expected study completion (from the educational institution)
  • Curriculum (legally binding description of the study program by the educational institution)
  • Course descriptions
  • Transcript of records (all exams taken and their grades)

All documents must include the complete original. Note the necessary translations.

During the registration process, the content of the documents is checked against the above requirements. This check usually takes several days. Please note that you may be asked to submit additional documents. In any case, only documents that have been submitted by the end of the registration period can be used for the check. Therefore, if you submit your proof late, it may be that no review and no subsequent submission is possible because the deadline expires before then.

If you do not have a degree at the time of registration, you must submit the original or notarized copy of the documents required to prove that you meet the qualitative admission requirements, in compliance with the applicable certification regulations, at the latest in order to be admitted to the program. An exact formal examination of the documents and a presentation of the actual degree must be provided by the end of the general admission period of the winter semester or summer semester following the selection procedure at the latest.

In your online application you will be shown whether there are any further documents to be submitted or whether the preliminary test has provided a sufficient result for participation in the admission procedure. In this case, too, you must accept the decision in order to complete the step and make an appointment for the EChem-Test and interview.

Letter of motivation & CV (stage 1)

The letter of motivation is a text written by you independently and in your own words, in which you explain the reasons for choosing your studies at TU Wien and outline what you expect from the programme. It must be in english language. It is a prerequisite for successful registration. Furthermore, the letter of motivation is the first stage of the selection procedure.

Content of the letter of motivation: The letter of motivation should state why you have chosen this Master's programme and what special interests and skills you bring to it. It should also state what personal expectations you have of this education and what goals you want to achieve with it. In addition, your special skills and experience that make you particularly qualified for this degree programme are also of interest.

Form of the letter of motivation: The letter of motivation must not exceed one A4 page (Arial, minimum font size 11). The letter of motivation is uploaded online as one PDF file and cannot be modified once uploaded. The PDF must not be larger than 5MB and must not have more than 1 page. It must not have any protection or encryption. This means that editing and printing of the PDF must be fully possible.

It is checked whether the letter of motivation actually complies with the specifications. Letters of motivation that do not comply with these will lead to exclusion from the selection procedure.

The letter of motivation is then evaluated as part of the ranking process.

Content of the CV: It should be a short CV with the most important stages of education and other experiences relevant to studies.

Form of the CV: The CV may have a maximum length of ONE A4 page, (font Arial 11). It will be uploaded online as a PDF file and cannot be modified once uploaded. The PDF must not be larger than 5MB and must not have more than 1 page. It must not have any protection or encryption. This means editing and printing of the PDF must be fully possible.

EChem-Test (stage 2)

The EChem-Test is an electronic, standardized procedure for assessing chemistry competencies. Please note that dates for the EChem-Test and the interview will only be offered together and only for approximately two weeks from June 7, 2022.

Information on the subject matter of the EChem test can be found in time under Examination Material.

The written EChem-Test will take place online (Zoom) at fixed dates and will be held in English. Please note that in any case you will need access to a computer with a web browser, camera, speakers and microphone. The possibility to install additional software on this computer would be good, but is not absolutely necessary, because you can also enter the Zoom meeting via web browser. The test supervisor has to establish the identity of the applicants before the start of the EChem test. If it is not possible to clearly establish the identity, participation in the EChem test must be prohibited by the test supervisor. 

You must register for a free appointment within your application and appear at the online meeting for this appointment. Please note that appointment scheduling is only available up to 72 hours prior to the appointment. 
Once you have selected your appointment time, please follow the link to "Create EChem-Test Account" and please log in with the same email address as in your application account to take the test. This account creation must also be done 72 hours prior to the appointment, as the EChem-Test will be conducted using an unlinked external system!

For the online Zoom meeting, where the EChem-Test and counseling session will be handled, you will receive a link after registration to join the online meeting 15 minutes before the scheduled appointment time. Please be on time. If you arrive too late, you will have to make a new appointment, because for administrative reasons we have to start the EChem-Test with all candidates at the same time.

Maximum of five hours, this includes preparation and on-site scheduling, the test itself, preparation of the results and the subsequent interview. However, it is usually quicker. You can also drop out of the meeting between the EChem-Test and the interview. However, you must be back in time for the interview.

If you cannot find a free appointment, especially shortly before the deadline, please contact us immediately. We will then assign you an appointment. Please note that appointments are only available for a short period of time (approximately 2 weeks). If you do not attend the EChem test, you will be excluded from the further procedure.

The EChem-Test provides a score in points (0-100). This result is part of the ranking for the ranking process.

Ranking process

The selection committee receives the results from the stages of the procedure. Thus, the letter of motivation, the EChem-Test and the interview are parts of the procedure. On the basis of the results of the three stages, a preliminary ranking is created with the help of automation. The commission then decides on the final ranking, whereby no rank is awarded twice.

The first 50 applicants receive a "Studienplatzzusage" and can be admitted to the program if all other requirements are met.

The two stages are weighted as follows:

Letter of motivation 66,67%
EChem-Test 33,33%

This results in the following table for the basic point distribution.

  poor medium excellent
Letter of motivation 0 10 12
EChem-Test 0 5 6

Subsequently, the percentile rank of the EChem test is added to the basic result. This results in a score between 0 and 19 points, which is used for the automated ranking.

After the ranking, there will be the possibility to waive a place. This makes it possible for an application with the next ranking to move up and still get a place. Therefore, if you have been accepted for a place but do not want to or cannot start your studies, please give others the opportunity to move up by waiving your place.


During the data collection for admission, your personal data, which are necessary for admission, and legally required statistical data are collected. The data collection for admission has to be done directly from your application. Only after the data collection you can make the admission. During data collection, you will also set the password for your future TU account. You will then need the TU account for your studies.

After the admission process you can officially begin your studies. You can find more information on the admissions pages.

Admissions can be made from the moment when your "Studienplatzzusage" is available in your TISS account. It is always carried out personally in the Admissions Office. You must book an appointment in your online application.