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Examination material EChem-Test

What is required for the EChem-Test?

In the context of an EchemTest, multiple choice questions are asked that cover the material area that a person has mastered at the end of the core curriculum chemistry at university level according to "Eurobachelor® Chemistry" in the following areas:

Analytical Chemistry 3 (AC3) in the subject area of classical analysis, data analysis as well as electrochemical, chromatographic and spectrochemical methods;

Biological Chemistry 3 (BC3) in the area of bioanalytics, biocatalysis, biological environment, biomolecules, metabolism and reactions of biomolecules; 

Inorganic Chemistry 3 (IC3) covers atomic structure, bonding & symmetry, radiochemistry, solid state chemistry, complex and coordination chemistry, Lewis acids and bases, periodic table major groups, transition metals, organometallic chemistry, and stereochemistry.

Organic Chemistry 3 (OC3) includes structure elucidation and functional group recognition, acid-base and redox reactions, aromatics, cycloadditions, nomenclature, polymerization, and simple synthesis

Physical Chemistry 3 (PC3) including questions from thermodynamics, phase theory, electrochemistry, chemical equilibrium and catalysis, and atomic structure.

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