A selection procedure is carried out PRIOR to admission

For the English-language Master's programme Green Chemistry, 50 places will be allocated in the coming academic year. The allocation of places takes place within the framework of a three-stage selection procedure, which all registered applicants who meet the qualitative admission requirements on the basis of their previous education must go through.

Prerequisite for the participation in the selection procedure is the online registration in the TU-own Campus Software TISS. The online registration is carried out once a year before the beginning of the winter semester and is valid for the academic year. It is recommended to start in winter semester.

Deadlines and dates for selection procedure 2024

  • Online registration from December 15, 2023, 12:00 p.m. to February 16, 2024 11:59 p.m.
  • Proof of qualitative admission requirements until February 16, 2024 11:59 p.m.
  • Upload motivational letter until February 16, 2024 11:59 p.m.
  • EChem-Test, online, several, freely selectable dates during second half of February 2024
  • Ranking and result of the selection procedure until March 2024
  • Start of study October 1, 2024

Further information about the selection procedure

As part of preceding studies (Bachelor), 48 ECTS of chemical subjects such as fundamentals of chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry and biochemistry have been completed. Another 60 ECTS of courses must be from the close area of chemistry/science such as chemical technology, process engineering, theoretical chemistry, biology, measurement technology. Within the scope of the chemical subjects, at least 16 ECTS of laboratory exercises must have been completed in the area of fundamentals of chemistry, physical chemistry, preparative laboratory or synthesis chemistry, analytical chemistry or biochemistry.

In any case, the Bachelor's Programme Technical Chemistry at the TU Wien, Food and Biotechnology at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences Vienna and Chemistry at the University of Vienna are eligible. By completing one of these studies, proof of the qualitative admission requirements is deemed to have been provided in any case. For all other Bachelor's programs, even if the qualitative admission requirements are fulfilled, TU Wien will check whether they are eligible within the procedure of the online registration.

If there is proof of at least 120 completed ECTS credits of a study program as well as a confirmation of the educational institution about the expected graduation and if the qualitative admission requirements are not covered by the study contents completed so far, then for such a case the qualitative admission requirements are considered to be provisionally fulfilled, provided that they still have to be completed compulsorily for the graduation due to the curriculum for the study program pursued.

The first stage of the selection procedure consists of uploading a letter of motivation and CV within the online registration.

In the letter of motivation, applicants should explain and justify why they would like to complete the Master's programme in Green Chemistry. The letter of motivation must be written in English, should not exceed one A4 page and must be uploaded by the applicants during the online registration. The purpose of the letter of motivation is to check how much the applicant has dealt with the special contents of the Master's programme in Green Chemistry, how well he/she can relate his/her own skills and knowledge to it, and what expectations and goals are being pursued.

The written EChem-Test takes place online on set dates and is given in English. The EChem-Test is an electronic, standardized procedure for the assessment of chemistry competencies. The test supervisor must establish the identity of the applicants before the start of the EChem-Test. If it is not possible to clearly establish the identity, participation in the EChem-Test is to be prohibited by the test supervisor. 

Information on the subject matter of the EChem-Test can be found in good time under Examination Material.

The applicants are ranked by the selection committee on the basis of the number of points achieved in the selection procedure and this leads to a ranking.  The available study places are awarded to the applicants with the highest number of points. In case of a tie, the selection committee decides on the basis of the evaluation of the letter of motivation and the interview.

The method of awarding points and the evaluation scheme will be announced in good time.

Those applicants who have received a place are entitled to apply for admission to the Master's programme in Green Chemistry at the TU Wien, the University of Vienna and the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences until the end of the grace period for the winter and summer semester immediately following the completed selection procedure, provided that they submit the required evidence and meet the other admission requirements. Admission to a later semester is excluded. It is recommended to start in winter semester.

Admission takes place in the Admissions Office.

Students who have not been admitted in one academic year can participate in the selection procedure again in the following academic years.

Students who participate in the selection procedure again must complete it in its entirety each time.