December has started and Christmas is just around the corner. We invite you to get to know our institute a little better. Every day until the 24th December we will introduce you to one of our research and work groups. Who is hiding behind the first door?

Today we open the second door of our calendar. May we introduce you to the next research group ...

Today we light the first candle of our advent wreath, illuminating the first ASC research group headed by a female professor. Let's see who it is behind door 3.

Have you got yourself a "Barbarazweigerl" yet? If you put a twig of a cherry tree into warm water it might blossom before christmas, bringing extra luck for the New Year. Done? Next on the agenda: Opening our advent calendar. Who is hiding behind the 4th door? No, it's not Saint Barbara.

Who will we be meeting today? It's time to open the next door. Oh, and by the way: You don't have to be scared of it being Krampus, unless you haven't been good this year or don't even plan on doing so next year ;-).

Who has Saint Nicholas brought along this year? Let us open door number 6 and see.

"Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ..."
And we'll head inside and warm ourselves with a nice cup of tea. Who is waiting for us behind door number 7?

With today's bank holiday being a Friday, we've been given a long weekend this year – more time to relax and a chance to get away from all the pre-Christmas hustle and bustle.

So far, we have presented to you some of our research groups. Today, we would like to introduce to you a member from the administrative staff. Let's take a look behind door number 8.

We hope you all enjoy your additional free day today!

Did you have time to relax yet? We have the rest of today and tomorrow left before it's back to work. But before anyone gets bored, let's open the next door of our advent calendar.

Today we can light candle number 2 on our advent wreath. How fitting that we open door number 10 on the second Sunday of Advent this year. All of you who know the binary numeral system will understand why. All of you who don't – you will be introduced to someone you can ask shortly.

We hope you are full of energy after a relaxing weekend. How about we take a peek behind the next door before we get started?

See how time flies! After opening our next door we're already halway through our advent calendar.

The 13 December is Saint Lucy's day which traditionally is a day of light. And stepping into the light today is another female group manager of our institute. Let's open door number 13 and see who it is.

10 days left before Christmas. That's just enough time to introduce you to all of our workgroups. Who is waiting for us behind door number 14?

Let's carry on with number 15.

Today we would like to introduce our most recently established research group. Open up, door 16.

Today we light the third candle on our advent wreath. Only one candle left, only one more week to go. Excited? Let's build up the excitement-level some more: This time we have three workgroups waiting to introduce themselves behind door 17.

The next door leads us to a team of three who will do their best to answer any questions you may have with regard to working and studying at ASC.

"Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way..."
And before we get cold, inside we go, and let's see who awaits us behind the next door.

"There’s a feeling of Christmas, Children laughing, People passing, Meeting smile after smile..."

Let's see who's smiling faces we'll meet when we open door number 20.

Only three more days left until Christmas! Can you believe that we have already reached door number 21? Anyway, let's meet our second Senior Scientist who is the head of the administrative staff at ASC.

Today is the official beginning of winter, it is the shortest day of the year. But don't worry, even though daylight is very limited today, our advent calendar – being digital – comes with background lighting. So let's take a look behind door number 22.

Tomorrow our wait is coming to an end. So let us take a look at our last research group.

We hope you enjoyed our advent calender and wish you a very Merry Christmas!