The followong three research priorities (graphic.png), opens a file in a new window will lead the further scientific development and profiling of our faculty. These three research priorities can be assigned to the respectice research priorities of TU Wien.

Modelling in civil engineering

TUW: Computational Science and Engineering

  • Development of innovative structural systems
  • Planning, optimization and computational modelling of engineering structures
  • Economic analysis of construction methods, processes, and resources
  • Management of construction projects and processes, life cycle analysis (cost and environmental impacts) and construction contract issues

Smart building constructions and materials

TUW: Material Science and Matter

  • Characterization of traditional and biogenic materials and composite materials
  • Development of high-performance materials
  • New materials and bionics
  • Mechanical and building physics fundamentals of material modelling

Sustainable systems and resources

TUW: Energy and Environment

  • Structural and operational concepts for transport infrastructure
  • Condition assessment and monitoring of engineering structures and systems
  • Event forecasting and risk analysis
  • Sustainable water and material cycle management

Funding priorities

Within the research priorities identified in the Development Plan, selected funding priorities will be defined with the aim of achieving the following objectives:

  • Priority funding for the establishment or further development of existing research fields with high relevance
  • Promotion and motivation of young excellent scientists
  • Establishment and self-financing of the priority field after one to a maximum of two performance periods