Welcome to the Institute of Mechanics of Materials and Structures at the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering of TU Wien!

The Institute for Mechanics of Materials and Structures (IMWS) is at the international forefront in the expansive field of mechanics-driven engineering sciences, delivering fundamental knowledge and technology towards the relief of our challenged planet through sustainable building materials and technologies, circular economy in structural engineering, and computer-assisted health. We teach the next generation of civil, material, and biomedical engineers in a seamless education path - from essential topics of continuum mechanics and strength of materials, via structural engineering, to timber constructions, green buildings, and computational biomedicine. 

Our research activities comprise, but are not restricted to, optimization and development of construction and health care materials (decarbonated cement, plant-based biocomposites, biological tissues and biomaterials, …), consistently accounting for their economical, ecological, as well as chemo-biological or geological environment. On top of that, we utilize and transform the deep knowledge of the mechanical sciences to fertilize seemingly distant scientific fields, such as epidemiology or systems biology. In this way, we play an active part in the current mega-trend of network-type interdisciplinary research and development strategies.

Research Units