Goals and services in research

The Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering faces these future challenges and wants to assume responsibility. The Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering focuses on safety, eco-friendliness and economic efficiency of buildings as well as the sustainable use of our natural resources.
Our special strength lies in the combination of fundamental and application-oriented research based on the broad professional competence of the scientists working at our faculty and their good national and international networking.
Our faculty will meet future challenges in scientific research with the following fundamental strategies:

  • Promotion and expansion of scientific excellence, interdisciplinarity and internationality in order to enable new innovative approaches and ideas in civil engineering.
  • Strengthening of experimental and theoretical fundamental research, as a prerequisite for application-specific developments and their structural and organizational implementation
  • Further development of the continuous exchange, cooperation and communication with the public and private sectors as well as with the public, expansion of alumni activities in order to strengthen the transfer of knowledge from the university to decision-makers and to further develop its own position as the primary contact for application-specific research, consulting and further education.

By focusing on these strategic goals in connection with an increased integration of our research into the international scientific community, the successful further development of the faculty's positive research balance will be ensured. This applies both to the fundamental subjects, which are already well integrated internationally, and to all application-oriented research areas.

Science Center

The Science Center houses the faculty's laboratory concentration and water research laboratory. A central location for all the faculty's laboratories was created here.

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