Educational Technologies

About us

The central goal of the Department of Educational Technologies is the further development and operation of the numerous e-learning services and systems of TU Wien. We work closely with the TU Wien staff and teachers to enable a user-centered development approach. Our way of working reflects a process description focused on the needs of our users. Therefore we are working using an agile and transparent process.



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The central e-learning platform of the TU Wien based on Moodle


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The central technology for recordings based on Opencast


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The Moodle platform of the Continuing Education Center (CEC) of TU Wien


Statistics for TUWEL and LectureTube


Hero Slider für TUWEL und LectureTube

11178Maximum number of active TUWEL users per day

1100000Average number of weekly TUWEL page views

15Years of TUWEL

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724Minutes of total playing time of LectureTube videos

11Terabyte of LectureTube video data

112Average minutes of playtime per LectureTube video