Video conference with Zoom

Zoom is an online service for web conferencing. It can be used to present the entire screen or only selected applications. In addition, mouse and keyboard control can be given to all or to selected participants. The tool also offers the possibility to send text messages and files or to record meetings.


Zoom - the online service includes

  • Share presentation laptop screen content
  • Transfer camera image and audio of the presenters
  • Grant remote access to mouse and keyboard control
  • Authentication via the Single Sign-On of the TU Wien
  • Very good accessibility


Examples of use

  • Present an interactive online lecture
  • Have a meeting with colleagues of TU Wien or with external partners
  • Conduct individual examinations
  • Invite guest lecturers
  • Perform discussions for exercises
  • Hold collaborative meetings with whiteboards to discuss artifacts such as sketches, drafts, etc.
  • Organize a voting in meetings


For more information and instructions on Zoom, please visit this TU coLAB page, opens an external URL in a new window.

Screenshot der Zoom-Startseite im Browser

Zoom video conference