Just like in 2019, MoodleMoot DACH 2024 will again be organized by TU Wien and will take place from September 3, 2024, to September 6, 2024, at…


The streaming platform TUbe will be soon discontinued, and its content will be migrated to LectureTube. A dispatch that has already been sent out…


To improve the quality of recordings, the Department of Teaching and Learning Technologies introduced the so-called "Dual Recording" in the first…

[Translate to English:] TUWEL Logo

On February 13, numerous Moodle instances of the TU Wien, including TUWEL, were successfully updated to version 4.3. This update is expected to bring…

Touchpanel after startup

The new touchpanel-control scheme has been rolled out in the lecture halls EI7, EI8, EI9 and EI10 which promises better usability.

[Translate to English:] LT_Editor

Use LectureTube Editor to verify videos via a web browser and publish them directly to a LectureTube series yourself.

[Translate to English:] LectureTube Upload

LectureTube Upload enables you to upload your videos, which you have recorded yourself with your preferred tool, to your LectureTube series.

LectureTube Studio

Use LectureTube Studio to create videos via a web browser and upload them directly to a LectureTube series.