Starting with the winter semester 2019/20, the TU Wien offers a study preparation and reflection phase (in short "Programme-PRe-Phase") for all studies for which no admission procedure is carried out. The Programme-PRe-Phase is intended to serve all applicants both as an aid in deciding on a study program and as preparation for entering the chosen study program. The structure and the individual parts of the Programme-PRe-Phase are coordinated in terms of content by representatives of the respective study program and must be completed before admission to the study program.

For the "Programme-PRe-Phase" the service unit of Educational Technologies provides a central Moodle platform, which includes the following preparation courses or procedures:

In a subject-specific interactive Moodle course, first contents of the chosen field of study can be tried out and further information on the study program and the faculty can be accessed. Interactive trial courses offer a direct intensive look into the teaching of the field of study, e.g. lessons on mathematics topics or information-videos on relevant topics of the faculty. Relevant for the procedure here is the complete completion of the course, which must be confirmed electronically.

In this type of procedure, applicants are given information about their level of knowledge in selected subject areas that are relevant to the chosen course of study by means of subject-specific tests or exercises. Likewise, this procedure offers an opportunity for self-assessment of one's own level of knowledge, which was developed within the framework of AKMATH (mathematics course, opens an external URL in a new window). This knowledge test provides feedback on the level of knowledge in mathematics, is applicable to all fields of study and can be tailored to specific faculty needs.

In the online survey on the planned choice of study, structured questions are asked on the motivation to complete the chosen study program at TU Wien. Depending on the field of study, the survey is conducted in combination with further information or an advising interview, for which the result of this survey can serve as a basis.

Within the scope of the online survey, among other things, information and questions about the expectations and ideas of the study program are deposited. Depending on the field of study, selected data will also be requested (e.g. type of school, non-traditional applicants), which can be anonymized and used as a basis for statistical evaluations in order to analyze the effects of the procedure.

Exemplary illustrations of Moodle courses of the Programme-PRe-Phase can be found here:

Example of an interactive trial course. A green board shows an example from mathematics on the topic of functions.

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Interactive trial course

Example of an interactive trial course

Example of feedback on the level of knowledge of the Programme-PRe-Phase. The correct option must be chosen from four possibilities.

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Feedback on the level of knowledge

Example of feedback on the level of knowledge of the Programme-PRe-Phase.