The General Management Executive MBA program is a part-time study, which offers future managers the opportunity to acquire basic economic, legal and social knowledge. One of the targets of the General Management Executive MBA as a postgraduate course is to contribute to a scientific basis with functional and/or industry-oriented specialization options to the professional and personal development of the participants. Students learn about the latest instruments in the field of management and leadership. This enables them to increase their professional, entrepreneurial and personal potential and prepares them ideally for future management tasks.

The quality of this postgraduate General Management Executive MBA program is based on the many years of experience of both TU Wien and the University of Continuing Education Krems in postgraduate training and the know-how of renowned national and international lecturers from science and business. The program is designed according to the management concept of "Human leadership in a changing world".

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Our program is designed for professionals and allows you to balance your job, family and the Executive MBA program. It allows you to work whilst developing new entrepreneurial skills, knowledge and competencies.

The program runs for 12-18 months and classes are taught in a block format usually from Thursday-Saturday or Friday-Sunday, usually about every 4 weeks. In total, the program consists of 36 teaching days at TU Wien and 3-6 modules (depending on the individual selection in online-mode or in class) at the University for Continuing Education Krems.


All modules are divided into a preparation phase, the in-class time or e-learning phase and a follow-up phase.

The individual preparation phase for a module includes pre-readings, preparation of case studies, preparation of presentations, essays, etc.

The classes use a wide variety of teaching and learning methods. These range from interactive case studies, simulations and calculations to classical presentations, but also include discussions, group dynamic exercises and reflections.
Modules take place in full-day blocks and usually last between 3-4 days.

The individual follow-up phase is intended to consolidate or apply what has been learned in class. Depending on the module, the follow-up phase may include writing assignments, case studies, reflections or exams.

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ACE Benefits

The General Management MBA program is your kick-off to a career in management.  The leadership tasks of general management require a well-founded economic qualification. The General Management MBA program offers future managers the opportunity to gain basic economic, legal and social knowledge on a part-time basis. The acquired business-related problem-solving and decision-making skills as well as up-to-date business knowledge are important competitive factors and significantly increase competitiveness in the labor market.

The General Management MBA prepares you for a management career that is not tied to any particular industry. Thanks to the broad economic and technical education, you are equipped to integrate yourself into a technical company or to face the challenges that new technologies bring to all areas of work.

For us, the integration of technical knowledge into entrepreneurial activities is not just a supplement, but a matter of course. Technical developments affect all organizations and companies. We provide you with the tools to take them into account.

The MBA program is a unique combination of management, technology and leadership topics. It provides you with a basic technical understanding and key business skills to build up the ability to have a say and make decisions on general management issues against the background of technological developments. You will learn how to lead people better and how to control processes and organizations in the VUCA world in a targeted manner.

The General Management MBA optimally combines the know-how, network and experience in continuing education of two renowned universities.
The University for Continuing Education Krems offers more than ten years of experience in management education, while the TU Wien provides the competence of business education in the technical and scientific field.

Our leadership retreats focus on your personal skills and leadership competencies. Through intensive exchange you will learn from and with each other in a trusting setting. You will get to know each other better as a leader and can thus better lead your team. 

Well-grounded, scientific content will be taught in an applicable way and enables the direct transfer of learnings into your practice.